The Press Room Group was established in 2006 with the opening of The Press Room on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan. It pays homage to what used to be the Overseas Chinese Daily News/Hua Qiao Daily Newspaper in the 1920's. What started out as three friends lamenting the lack of good quality French-European cuisine resulted in a dining phenomenon that continues to make news today.

Soon after, the first Classified opened next door (eighth location opened early 2013). A casual European-styled café specializing in artisan cheeses and boutique wines, also providing freshly baked breads and an all day dining menu that highlights comfort. The opening of these two restaurants started the Hollywood Road Sheung Wan scene, now a hip and happening neighbourhood, expanding the creative and cultural hub of Hong Kong further west.

In 2008, sensing the winds of change and Hong Kong's desire to hold on to its roots as it shapes its future, the Press Room Group set its sights on another landmark project: converting one of Hong Kong's few remaining tong laus (tenement housings) -- the infamous Woo Cheong Pawnshop dating back to 1880s -- into a hub of hip British dining.

In a city where being the newest, the biggest and the fastest has always come first, The Pawn became a welcome respite from over-development. It shows how old buildings with a sense of history and character can be converted to remain relevant and enjoyed today. It is widely considered one of Hong Kong's most successful conversions of a heritage site and has become a dining institution for both locals and tourists.

In 2009, the Press Room Group yet again redefined the dining experience with the launch of SML (Small, Medium, Large). A completely new democratic dining experience that is both dynamic and choice-driven, diners choose the size of their food portions. Communal, contemporary, and very much of the times, SML is now poised for global expansion.

In 2011 The News Room opened its doors in Quarry Bay, a bistro like restaurant that serves the many business executives in the area and has become a popular spot for many of the local residents.

The latest addition and a little different to the other restaurants in the group was The Principal, a contemporary fine dining venue that received its much-deserved first Michelin Star in the 2013 Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau.

As disparate as these dining experiences may appear to be, they share a unifying thread that underscores the Press Room Group's ethos: a sensitivity for good design, a deep appreciation for art and culture, but above all, a passion for simply good food.